Jake Morgan is a relaxed singer-songwriter born Cardiff 1979, originally from Lichfield, England now living in Bristol. Weaving together threads of folk, country, bluegrass, jazz and blues, the 40-year-old’s husky voice and vintage writing style are evocative of a bygone musical time, with emotionally driven and widely relatable songs that draw influence from his life and travels. Think Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Ray LaMontagne and you’re getting close.

Last year Jake met a reiki master at a music festival who helped him begin a journey of self-healing which inspired many of the songs on his new album From The Ground Up. Featuring a band of Bristol musicians from the cities Americana and jazz scene and recorded live in the studio look out for Every Dog has its Day, a fast-paced, jaunty number about never giving up, and Land of Dreams, which talks about emigration with hopes of a better life.